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The Wine Ceremony

On June 30th 2017 by admin

The officiant pours wine from an opened bottle (please be certain of this) into a wineglass or goblet provided for this purpose. Holding it out to the groom, the officiant says:
The years of life will have some hardships and disappointments, of which this bitter wine is a symbol. Remember to forgive the frailties of one another. Bear together life’s adversities and be confident thatthe good will always return.
Groom takes a sip, then passes it to Bride, while officiant reads:
THe years of life have indeed, much happiness, joy and goodness, of which this wine is a token. We ask that you drink of it together, and as you do, earnestly seek the power and wisdom to use all the pleasure and prosperity that may come to you with gratitute and modesty
Bride takes a sip, then passes it back to the Groom, who passes it to officiant:
As you have shared th wine from this gob;let, so may you share your lives. May you find life’s joys heightened, its bitterness sweetened, and all of life enriched by a constant love.

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