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What are the three mandatory requirements for a wedding in Massachusetts?

  • The two people intending to get married.
  • The Officiant.
  • A valid marriage License.

How do we get mv Marriage License?

  • You and your Fiance( e) need to go together any City in Massachusetts, and file a license Application.
  • You wait three to five business days to pick up your marriage license (The license is good for two months.)
  • Then you call me at 617-319-5570 to book up the wedding appointment.

Do we need blood tests?

  • No. As of January 28,2005 blood tests are no longer required in Massachusetts.

Do we need witnesses present at our ceremonv?

  • No, Massachusetts Law does not require that witnesses be present at your ceremony.

Do we need rings?

  • No. While they are traditional, rings may not be required. Rings are at your discretion.

Can we select our own vows?

  • Absolutely. I have a number of samples available from which you may choose. You can write your own words.

Do we have to speak at the ceremony?

  • Only if you want to. Massachusetts law provides a lot of latitude in what is, and at wedding ceremonies. You can get away with as little as just saying, “Ido.”